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Man Montagut collection

Extra 15 % off with 3 purchased items !


Man Montagut collection

Extra 15 % off with 3 purchased items !

For his men collection Maison Montagut has created an imaginary character who perfectly embodies the values of the company. His name is Etienne. He exudes effortless composure. A gentleman  of the town and of the country. He is elegant and authentic  a lover of beautiful things and invigorating conversation. He likes sharing the high points of life. Quite simply, charming and inspiring. This season, Maison Montagut presents a collection that is marked by Nature and the world of animals  in particular through the knitting of a new material  the yak  for thick men's jumpers  in which the material's volume is amplified by graphic knitted motifs. The material is intense and very palpable. The style is all the more accentuated.  The collection takes its inspiration from natural designs shaped by the landscape of our countryside. The deep colours of the autumn and winter seasons contribute to the character of this new Men's collection. The blend of greens and blues from our woodland conifers gives a harmonious colour to our men's cashmere jumpers.

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A desire for joy, for singing colors and for the warm Mediterranean sun. Maison Montagut is highlighting Andalusia and its Latin culture this season. A collection in the profusion of colors, basketwork inspirations crafts for creative stitch games, mosaic patterns inspired by Sevillian Patios and stripes in play of light and shadow.

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