Because transmission is rooted in our DNA, our products are designed for both aesthetic appeal and durability. 

They are designed and manufactured to withstand the test of time and the passing of generations. 

Our vision

"Passing on to future generations a sustainable and responsible mesh in harmony with the living world"

Human beings, animals, the planet, and its resources.

Our pillars

We have strong ambitions for a more sustainable transformation of our footprint by 2027.

Defined in 2023, our 4 strategic axes have been carefully thought out.

Today, these 4 pillars, MailleFiber, MailleFab, MailleCycle and MaillePlanet guide us in building a virtuous and ambitious CSR strategy and roadmap to bring about real change in our sector.

70% of the fashion industry's emissions are concentrated in the growing and processing of raw materials. We have therefore chosen to focus our efforts on the fibers with which we knit our collections.

Our second pillar is the manufacture of our collections, in our workshop in Portugal. It is built around 3 priorities: to perpetuate our ancestral know-how, to promote made in Europe, and to develop traceability and transparency.

The way we design, produce and dispose of or recycle our products and their components determines our collective dependence on virgin raw materials, which is why it's so important for us to be part of a more circular model. 

Climate change, erosion of biodiversity, ocean acidification... guided by respect for planetary limits, we think holistically about our environmental actions, beyond greenhouse gas emissions.