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Maison Montagut has developed a Loyalty Program dedicate to all its customers, applicable on all Montagut shops, including the factory shop, and purchases online made on the website Montagut.com.

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Loyalty program

Earn flowers and save money on every purchase.
1 earned for each purchase of €10
1 = €1 discount

How to earn flowers?

You get 1 flower per €10 of purchase.
You get flowers on every purchase done in a Maison Montagut shop, at the factory shop or on the website montagut.com. For example, your purchase value is 130 euros : you get 13 Flowers. To order and start collecting flowers, simply register online or communicate your email address in the shop of your choice. If your registration is made in a shop, you will receive an email where you will find your login to connect to your online account.

Products purchased  on sales balances do not allow you to get flowers. You can not get flowers with Fil Lumière products at the factory store.

By providing your email address, you subscribe to Maison Montagut Loyalty Program and, at the same time, to the weekly Montagut newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time from the newsletter or your account. Under the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, people may object to the computerized processing of their personal data and have a right to access, modification, rectification and deletion of their data by writing at BONNETERIE CEVENOLE, 1001 avenue de la République – 07 500 Guilherand-Granges.

Where can I use my flowers?

On the website Montagut.com

You can use your flowers after being converted into discount code (procedure explained on next point) on all products sold on the e-shop montagut.com, for all orders over 100 euros VAT, excluding shipping and resulted products or promotions. They are cumulative within the limit of 500 flowers.

In shop

Flowers can be used Maison Montagut shops, but not in resellers shops for the moment. They apply to all Montagut products, excluding products resulted, or promotions from 100 euros VAT. For this, you only have to notify the vendor that you want to use your flowers. Warning, if the order amount is less than the sum of your flowers, then the remaining balance of flowers is lost.

How to convert my Flowers coupons for an online purchase?

To use your flowers on the site, convert them into discount code. To convert your flowers, it is very easy:

  • Log into your your account with your username and password and go to the "My Flowers Montagut" section
  • Below the table summary of your flowers, click the button "I use my Flowers"
  • A discount code is generated and displayed in your cart. It is located under the "Coupons" section and begins with FID (like Fidelity). Just click on the code so that it is displayed in the cell next door, then confirm by clicking OK.
  • The total order take into account what code. Confirm your order.

For a purchase in store, explain to the seller you want to use your flowers.

How to know the balance of my Flowers?

On the site Montagut.com, login to your account. The balance of your Flowers is shown in a summary table on the "My Flowers" section.

Awaiting validations flowers

    Flowers go through several statuses:
  • Awaiting validation (return period) : Once you have received your package or made your purchase in store, the flowers are waiting for validation during the return period is 30 days. Meanwhile, they are not usable. When you return an item, Flowers obtained by the purchase of this item are canceled. Therefore, we look to be sure that you do not have anything to return to validate all your Flowers.
  • Available : When this status is displayed, your flowers can be converted into discount code.
  • Canceled : Flowers are canceled when your order was canceled.
  • Converted : You've already converted Flowers in your discount code. You have to use the discount code that was generated and contained in your basket (also visible in the "My coupons" in your account).

What will happen when I return a product ?

Flowers earned on the purchase of the returned product are canceled. If the returned product was purchased with Flowers, the Flowers you spent are credited back.

How long will my flowers are they valid ?

Flowers are valid for 1 year after the return period (30 days) is over. You therefore have 1 year to convert your flowers into a coupon. This coupon created in this way is valid for 1 month.