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The online store is available at You can shop at the site 7 days a week days and 24 hours a day. Parcel shipments are held Monday to Friday for 16 hours, excluding public holidays and annual leave. Here are some common questions to help you better understand when your package will be shipped to you.

Delivery all over the world

PFor any order placed before 3pm (french hour) : Delivery in 4 days : FedexDelivery in 2 days Fedex Express

I need my order delivered in France. How soon will I receive my package?

  • SAME DAY DELIVERY : Choose WITHDRAWAL IN STORE FACTORY (Guilherand-Granges, 07) if you wish to receive your order the same day (except Saturdays, Sundays, Bank holidays and closing dates).
  • NEXT DAY DELIVERY : pour les commandes passées avant 15h (heure de Paris) du lundi au jeudi : choisissez la livraison CHRONO DEMAIN CHEZ VOUS si vous souhaitez recevoir votre commande le lendemain de votre commande avant 13h (pas de livraison le samedi !).
  • DELIVERY IN 2 WORKING DAYS: Choose your DELIVERY IN SHOP then POST OFFICE or NEARBY SHOP. No deliveries are done on a Saturday in some areas. Delay of 2 working days established for orders placed before 03:00pm. Sometimes La Poste's deliveries require longer.
  • DELIVERY IN 2 TO 5 WORKING DAYS: Choose your delivery as COLISSIMO, or POST OFFICE or NEARBY SHOP. No deliveries are done on a Saturday in some areas.

More information on delivery

How does delivery take place in the Maison Montagut shop ?

The delivery in Maison Montagut shop, Click & Collect, is currently available for all our shops.

  1. You order online and choose in which Maison Montagut shop you will pick up your parcel.
  2. You pick up your package on D + 2 with your ID card.
  3. You can try in store and get advice from our sellers.
  4. If the product is suitable, you will earn Flowers on your Loyalty Account.
  5. If the product is not suitable, we take care of the return and you are refunded within 10 days.

Delivery worldwide

Yes, Montagut works in partnership with Fedex which covers a very large part of the global territory. We have customers all over the world: Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ...
Shipping costs depends on the weight and destination. About any customs duties and local taxes, check with your customs agency.

I need my order to be delivered abroad. How soon will I receive my package ?

DELIVERY WITHIN 2 WORKING DAYS : We can have orders delivered to addresses abroad in 48 hours. For orders placed before 3 p.m. (Paris time) from Monday to Thursday, choose FEDEX Express The FEDEX Express alternative is not available for Saturday delivery. No delivery is done on Saturdays.
DELIVERY IN 3 TO 5 WORKING DAYS: Choose FEDEX if you want your order delivered within 5 working days.

Fedex shipping costs vary depending on the destination and package weight (excluding any customs duties and local taxes that could be at your charge, check with your customs agency). Fedex might bill you customs and duty taxes, depending on the law of the destination country. The average weight of an article is 0.4 kg and 0.3 kg maximum for packaging. Here is a table of our Fedex shipping rates.

Option Fedex Econnomy
4 working days
Fedex Express
2 working days
Destination / Weight < 1 kg < 2 kg < 1 kg < 2 kg
Area A + H Canada, United States 23.5 € 28 € 27.5 € 33.5 €
Area B Australia, Cambodia, South Korea, Mexico, Laos, Japan, Hong Kong, French Guyana, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, Reunion Islands, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia 32.5 € 42 € 39 € 52 €
Area C Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, UAE 34 € 48 € 43 € 58 €
Area D Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Dominican Republic 35 € 48.5 € 44 € 59 €
Area E Africa, French Polynesia, Seychelles, New Caledonia 36 € 50 € 45 € 61.5 €
Area F China 30 € 42 € 38.5 € 51 €
Area G + I Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia 30.5 € 42.5 € 39 € 52 €
Area R + S+ W Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Ireland, Greece 12.5 € 16 € 19.5 €
Area T Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria 19 € 34 € 44.5 €
Area U Switzerland, Iceland, Liechteinstein, Norway 18 € 22 € 48.5 € 58.5 €
Area V Russia, Croatia, Turkey 47.5 € 61 € 61.50 € 78 €

How to track my package ?

We know that you want to be able to track the progress of your delivery and make this possible using several methods. Whatever method of shipping you choose, you will receive an email or SMS which contains a link allowing you to track the progress of your package online.

Shipping charges include postage, packaging and handling. Both the price and weight of the items your order will affect the shipping charges. Shipping costs less if you group your selections. Distinct orders cannot be grouped and separate postage will be charged for each one. Your package is shipped at your own risk. Packages are over sized and protected.

I haven't received my package. What should I do ?

Montagut guarantees that we send the package the same day of your order when the order is placed before 15h between Monday and Thursday) or if you ask for it to be sent on the next business day (if the order is placed after 15h).
However, once the package was delivered to postal services mandated for delivery, Montagut is not responsible for any delays or errors associated with the delivery of your package. If problems occur, contact your local Fedex agency or call : 0820.123.800 with your tracking number, in order to learn more about your package.

You can also contact Montagut Customer Service at : (English spoken) or by e-mail :