Feel-good knitwear

Feel-good knitwear

Knitwear An emotion, a sensation and a discreet appeal. Maison Montagut embodies the soul of knitwear: feel-good garments, natural materials, inviting and intimate stores with a cosy ambiance – a world centred on the customer’s well-being. The emotional nostalgia of your favourite sweater.

Hight quality materials from Maison Montagut

Fil Lumière

Fil Lumière imitates silk in all its qualities and properties: silky, supple, extremely comfortable in warm or temperate climates, it is easy to maintain. it remains Montagut's identity product for over thirty years.

Fil Lumière

Merino wool

Maison Montagut selects from Italian spinners merino wool made from the finest and most regular threads. Our merino wool sweaters are in a fine, soft and regular knit and they have an exceptional resistance to pilling and washing.

merino wool


Maison Montagut chooses a long-staple cotton thread that gives a more stable yarn and creates fine, elegant and regular knitwear.



Maison Montagut uses only long-staple threads, which yield regular yarns that are very resistant to pilling. They are distinguished by the extreme delicacy of their down, which makes them soft and silky to the touch.


Cashmere silk

Maison Montagut chooses Swiss yarns for their technological superiority. The cashmere fibres are carefully sorted and mixed with silk. The cashmere–silk pieces are the finest and most luxurious in the knitwear range.

Cashmere silk


Ever in search of excellence, Maison Montagut chooses Swiss yarns for their technological superiority.


Alpaca silk

Maison Montagut chooses Swiss fibers for their technicality and their perfection. The fibers of alpaca are carefully sorted out and mixed in the silk. Articles in alpaca and silk are the finest and the most luxurious of the home- and travelwear line Ô.

Alpaca silk

Bamboo cashmere

Although not intended for a textile use, the bamboo lends itself completely to the knitting. The subtle mixture of bamboo and cashmere enables to obtain a very flexible, very soft and ideal stitch for the covers of our pillows that you will find in the home decoration and gifts collection.

Bamboo cashmere


Coming from the fleece of the Angora goat, a very old species existing already 2000 years B.C., this very noble wool is characterized at the same time by a big lightness and by its properties of warmth. Very soft, it is worked in perforated stitch in the Maison Montagut Woman this winter.


Light cashmere

The light cashmere is the best of the cashmere, an even finer and lighter version of the traditional cashmere. A real pleasure to wear, especially next to the skin.

light cashmere


Maison Montagut has been passionate about creating exceptional knitwear since 1880. The expertise and elegance evident in traditional knitting stitches combine with the creativity of loose-fitting knitwear pieces.

Made with passion

Maison Montagut puts all its heart and time into developing exceptional pieces with a unique style. We source our different threads with diligence, choosing only those of exceptional quality, and we take the greatest care in the manufacture of our knitwear in order to ensure your complete satisfisfaction. Our products are designed to last, and to be worn at the most special moments of your life. They will accompany your journey through life, and can even pass from one generation to the next. A gift of legacy and memories.

feel-good knitwear