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An autumn-winter season under the sign of Wild Nature. The big spaces the animal world will be source of inspiration for our exclusive meshes. Our women's lines, Paula's Poles and Joséphine linen showcase natural materials that enhance our knitting know-how. An alliance of warm and comfortable threads like cashmere and alpaca and wool but also the softness of an aerial mohair.

The warm tomette and squirrel colors will be important for the winter of 2019, inspired by animal fur. The flamboyant red of autumn foliage, a monochrome and intense red that sublimates the mesh. The combination of blue and green conifers of our forests, a shades of deep and mysterious colors.


Discover the different collections

Montagut became Maison Montagut in autumn-winter 2018. Montagut, a family knitwear brand since 1880, is repositioning itself by expanding its knit expertise with a wider range of products. You will find below the different lines to discover.

Joséphine's dressing room

Joséphine's dressing room
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dressing room of Paula

Paula's dressing room
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dressing room of Etienne

Etienne's dressing room
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