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Maison Montagut enjoys working with other major brands to enrich their know-how. Maison Montagut has made several collaborations recently to offer a complementary collection of clothing for men and women, in still natural materials. Maison Montagut chose French partners whose values ​​are close to its own: authenticity, quality and know-how.

First of all, the world of Benjamin Isidore Juveneton, the neo-thinker and visual artist, transports us in his Mediterranean travels with his graphic motif inspired by moucharabiehs. Then, the sparkling Elise Chalmin composed for Maison Montagut a very geometric tricolor pattern that brings peps and colors to the mesh. Then Maison Montagut teamed up with wedding dressmaker Elise Hameau to offer a warm knit that will warm winter weddings. Finally, Maison Montagut brings a breath of fresh air to its summer collection with the collaboration of the brand of urban surfers Cuisse de Grenouille, with a t-shirt, a sweater and a swimsuit. Varied universes that lend themselves to the creativity of the mesh specialist.

Harmony for philosophy

Writing this very special season is at the heart of is at the heart of our thinking at Maison Montagut with a new trajectory imbued with an ideal of quality of life.3 complementary states of mind inhabit us very naturally in this season to find this inner harmony. The collection is therefore divided into 3 color harmonies. Discover the different collections

Joséphine's dressing room

Joséphine's dressing room
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Paula's dressing room
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dressing room of Etienne

Etienne's dressing room
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