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Maison Montagut lookbooks

A family-owned company specialized in knitting since 1880, Maison Montagut creates exceptional products combining timelessness and creativity, while at the same time preserving its ancient know-how. This season, Maison Montagut is inkling his collection in a colorful universe inspired by rigorous design and bright colors borrowed from the palette of primaries. The delicate materials and the beautiful summer cottons settled in the locker room, for the man and the woman, giving way to lightness. This new spring-summer line blends into the majestic urban setting of the radiant city, venturing into the Salines and gardens of the Marseille hinterland.

Etienne dressing room

The man who embodies Maison Montagut is named Etienne. It is a beautiful spirit, generous spontaneity, who loves the natural style.

Man Montagut
lookbook man Montagut Etiennelookbook Etienne

Joséphine dressing room

The Maison Montagut Woman, named Josephine, is an independent, urban, active and cultivated. She is good in her day and she has this easy elegance that makes all her charm.

Woman Montagut
Lookbook Joséphine woman collection Montagutdressing room Joséphine woman collection Monagut

Paula dressing room

The Pôles Woman, named Paula, is a free and adventurous woman, daring and creative, who likes products with beautiful materials and destructured cuts. Attitude without artifice.

Pôles collectionlookbook Paula PôlesPaula dressing room

Discover the Ô collection

The Ô collection is a timeless off-season line of homewear clothing, for men and women, which are played overlay, around the cashmere. This line is imagined as "second skin" products, in a neutral and soft color palette and in materials such as cashmere bamboo and cashmere cotton.

Ô collectionÔ collection lookbookÔ collection lookbook

Discover the home decor and gifts collection

Maison Montagut offers home decor items and birth gifts, always based on the company's knitting know-how.

Home decor and
gifts collection
home decor and gifts collection lookbookhome decor and gifts collection products
woman clothes
Woman collection